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Soho Parish School

Soho Parish Primary School is located in the heart of the West End. They are a small school with less than 24 pupils per class and very limited space. Over the last few years we have worked with them to raise money for the redevelopment of the playground. During this time they managed to raise over £200,000 which was invested in the design of a three storey timber structure, dramatically increasing the outdoor playable area.  The playground was completed in 2015.


Carrying on from this, we have this year helped introduce a soft landscape for the benefit of the children in the form of allotment planters, container plants, a wormery and ecological enhancements.

We have provided the children with 5 raised beds, a cold frame, and gardening tool sets.  The beds and frame were installed by us and filled with compost.  A gardening club has been set up to facilitate growing of fruit and vegetables.