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Partnership with The Connection - St. Martin-in-the-Fields

Across the borough of Westminster, numbers of rough sleepers have dropped – in March 2016’s street count, 304 individuals were seen bedded down; in March 2017’s count, this had reduced to 266

Helping people away from the streets quickly prevents people becoming entrenched in a street lifestyle. Working with partner agencies, The Connection has ensured that in 16/17, 68% of new rough sleepers spent no more than one night on the streets of London.

We do recognise that there has been an increase in the number of people rough sleeping in Soho. This has been in tandem with an increase in chaotic drug use in this area with Spice a major problem within the rough sleeping community. There is a cohort of chaotic rough sleepers, with multiple complex needs, who are entrenched in a street lifestyle and “living on the streets”. This group of people need intensive and prolonged levels of support.