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Carnaby Wins Green Apple Award

A project involving a review of the waste management systems, procedures and policies across Carnaby has recently been awarded a Green Apple Award.

Carnaby covers 14 streets, 115 properties and approximately 500 different tenants, including offices, retail, restaurants cafes and bars and residential. Previously, waste management was limited to separating general waste from glass. Working with our managing agent, we have since introduced food waste separation, cardboard baling, oil collection and mixed recycling.

The main objectives of the project were:

  • To reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill
  • To increase recycling on-site
  • To reduce costs of waste management and disposal
  • To reduce frequency of collections
  • To reduce the number of bins on the streets for a more welcoming and clean estate

New equipment was purchased (cardboard balers, compactors, glass crushers) for approximately £36,000, The baling and cardboard crushing has seen an approximate reduction in container collection of 66%. Cardboard was introduced at the end of 2016 and is significantly increasing recycling rates across Carnaby. Food recycling introduced at the end of 2015 went from 1% of total waste to 8% in the first year, it has now reached 20% of the total waste production. This has reduced contamination of the other waste streams.


Carnaby is now much cleaner, there is less waste left on the streets and around the bins. This in turn has reduced the number of pests. The look and smell has vastly improved, creating a more inviting area. Due to the rationalised waste streams and less contaminated bales we have been able to reduce the number of collections and sorting time at the depot. This has also resulted in a significant reduction in our carbon footprint. We have also learnt the importance of separating waste to reduce contamination and increase recycling. Food waste can be used for energy production or to create bio-fertilisers so that no waste is sent to landfill.