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An exciting fashion and lifestyle destination

Carnaby has a world-renowned reputation for fashion retail, where independent boutiques are positioned alongside major international flagship and concept stores to provide a unique fashion choice.

It is well known for trend-focused retailing with diverse experiential shopping.

Many of the offices in the village are occupied by fashion retailers as well as media businesses that recognise the creative vitality for which the area is known.

Carnaby Street became synonymous with "swinging London" in the early 1960s when it was at the forefront of the emerging youth fashion and pop music culture of the day.

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Village Statistics

As of 31 March 2018

Valuation: £1,396.1 million: 36% of total portfolio


Number 97
Area 180,000 sq.ft
% of village’s current income 44%
Area 299,000 sq.ft
% of village’s current income 31%
Restaurants, bars and cafes
Number 59
Area 111,000 sq.ft
% of village’s current income 18%
Number 109
Area 67,000 sq.ft 
% of village’s current income 7%


Carnaby Christmas Carnival_3

Carnaby Christmas Carnival


Carnaby Style Night

Street Eat 2016

Street Eat