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Koi Carp and Lotus Flower Paper Cutting Composition

The next in the #BringingChinatownHome digital series from Chinatown London focuses on the mindful art of paper cutting – a traditional craft, originating in East Asian culture. With beautiful dexterity and a contemporary take, Chinatown London has partnered with celebrated paper cutting artist Samantha Quinn, founder of the Paper Artist Collective - a global community of over 100 paper artists - to create a design that intertwines the vibrant colours of Chinatown London in a layered decorative piece deeply embedded with East Asian symbolism.

From Monday 22 June, stay tuned on the @ChinatownLondon Instagram, as we will be releasing a series of behind-the-scenes and how-to videos of Samantha in action, with the final intricate and beautiful design, combining the Koi Carp and the Lotus Flower, revealed on Monday 29 June. Samantha has also integrated these two symbolic motifs of East Asian Culture into three Chinese Lanterns which will be uploaded on Thursday 2 July as Instagram Stickers for followers of @ChinatownLondon to use. 

As you begin to explore the designs, you will notice first the Lotus Flower, one of the most significant and admired flowers in Eastern culture. This flower blooms in full colour every morning, symbolising self-regeneration and revival. The Koi Carp accompanies this, symbolising perseverance and courage through adversity. These two motifs are layered on the ancestral Japanese motif of the “Seigaiha” wave.

Samantha’s tutorial will guide you through the process of re-creating the paper cutting design, with PDF templates and some helpful tips and tricks, all can be found through Chinatown London’s social channels. This provides guidance on producing the multi-layered complete design of the Koi Carp bouncing around amongst the Lotus Flowers, or you can remove some layers to create a simplified version which is equally as impressive.

All you need to take part is a cutting mat, scalpel and a selection of paper. Feel free to experiment with everyday paper that you can find in your home - such as old magazines, book covers, or even maps! Samantha has opted to use old music sheet paper as part of her design and encourages participants to make use of recycled or printed materials to make their final composition unique.

Three Chinese Paper Lantern Instagram Stickers


The Chinese Paper Lanterns are traditionally launched into the sky with a wish written on the side. We want people to use these Instagram Stickers to send a message to the Chinatown London community about what they miss most about Chinatown London and their wishes for its return.


Get involved by posting your creations using the hashtag #BringingChinatownHome and tagging @Chinatownlondon


Notes to Editors

Samantha Quinn Biography

SQuinn&Co is a London-based design studio specialising in paper art and installations. Founder Samantha has had over 9 years’ experience with paper cutting, and since starting has completed projects for brand, such as Converse, Fossil, Victoria Secret, Tiffany, Louis Vuitton, Premier League, Clarins and Aquascutum. Her work even appeared on the cover of Time Out in March 2020. Samantha started out in the traditional form of papercutting, an ancient art form originating in East Asian culture, and revels in any opportunity to work with colour and pattern in this medium of art. She is the founder of Paper Artist Collective: a global collective of 100 artists, designers and like-minded creatives with a shared passion for creating beautiful things from paper.


About Chinatown

Immersed in culture, Chinatown is a distinctive place where Chinese and East Asians feel at home and Western visitors can try new things.  With 79 authentic East Asian restaurants shops, bars and cafés, Chinatown is the number one East Asian destination in the West.


Chinatown London

China is changing and traditional values are being complemented by new ideals and trends, inspired by other parts of the Far East and the West.  This is influencing what Chinese people and visitors expect in Chinatown.  Shaftesbury understands this and is experiencing directly the evolution of China, spending time in its cities to see, taste and hear what is happening first hand.  

Whilst inherently Chinese, under Shaftesbury’s long-term curation and partnership with the community, Chinatown is evolving to reflect the changes occurring in the Far East, creating is a mix of tradition and modernism that makes cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo and Seoul some of the most exciting places in the world.  Centrally located and one of the best-connected destinations in the capital, Chinatown is served by many underground stations and will benefit from the Elizabeth line opening in late 2019. 





Shaftesbury owns and manages a 15.1-acre property portfolio in the liveliest parts of London's West End.  Focused on restaurants, leisure and retail in the highly popular, sought-after and prosperous locations of Carnaby, Seven Dials and Chinatown, together with substantial ownerships in East and West Covent Garden, Soho and Fitzrovia. 

The portfolio nearly 600 shops, restaurants, cafés and pubs, extending to 1.1 million sq. ft., 599 apartments and 0.5 million sq. ft. of offices.  All our properties are close to the main West End Underground stations, which currently handle c 228m passenger’s p.a., and are within ten minutes’

walk of the two West End transport hubs for the Elizabeth Line, at Tottenham Court Road and Bond Street, which projections indicate could be handling 200 million passengers annually. 


Shaftesbury 在伦敦最有活力的西区(WestEnd)拥有、管理的地产组合总面积达到15.1英亩。这些以餐饮、娱乐和零售为主的地产组合集中于卡纳比大街(Carnaby)、七晷区(Seven Dials)和中国城(Chinatown)区域。同时,Shaftesbury 在科文特花园(Covent Garden)东、西两侧、Soho区和菲茨罗维亚区(Fitzrovia)也拥有大量地产。

Shaftesbury 的地产组合包括共599家商户、餐厅、咖啡厅和酒吧,总面积达到110万平方英尺;此外,Shaftesbury 还拥有599间公寓和50万平方英尺的办公空间。Shaftesbury 的地产不仅全都毗邻伦敦西区的各大地铁站(年客流量达到2.28亿),同时紧邻横贯城铁“伊丽莎白线”(Elizabeth Line)上两个西区交通枢纽站——托特纳姆法院路(Tottenham Court Road)站和邦德街(Bond Street)站均在步行10分钟范围内。据预测,这两个枢纽站每年的接待能力可超2亿人次

 Media Contacts

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