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Lockdown easing step 4

We welcome the announcement, made by the Prime Minister yesterday afternoon, confirming that England will move to the fourth step of the roadmap out of lockdown. Limitations on social contact and capacity being lifted will provide a further boost for the West End, in particular its theatres, hospitality and nightlife.

Seeing people coming back to our villages to meet friends and family, as well as businesses reopening their offices so that their employees can reconnect has been encouraging  and we look forward to many more returning  as the Government removes the guidance to work from home. 

Next, we look towards a plan for further measures to encourage Covid-safe international travel, as foreign visitors are essential to a prime tourism destination such as London. People from all over the world travel to the capital to enjoy our first-class hospitality, entertainment and cultural experiences  and we look forward to welcoming them once again. 

Everyone has made remarkable sacrifices throughout the successive lockdowns. We will continue to do what we can to keep those who work, live in and visit the West End safe, as the virus is still in circulation. This includes the provision of enhanced sanitisation facilities throughout our areas, and guidance to our occupiers and the public via our on-street customer service and security teams.

The relaxations announced last night are another important step towards the revival of the West End, one of the world’s greatest destinations.

Brian Bickell

Chief Executive