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Shaftesbury supports London First’s Return and Recommit campaign

We proudly support London First’s Return and Recommit campaign, calling for a range of actions to support a return to public transport and renewed commitment to TfL’s long-term sustainability when it is safe to do so. We know that workers, visitors and residents in our villages depend on the TfL network, and we applaud the work the organisation has done to make travelling on its network safe during the pandemic. We wholeheartedly share London First’s belief that we must focus on encouraging passengers back to safe travelling on the TfL’s services when they need to travel and to when the recent restrictions are eased again. It is also imperative that we find a sustainable funding model that ensures TfL’s continued existence. London economy is reliant on a trusted, safe and effective public transport network, and we must all focus on ensuring TfL’s continued success.