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Reopening our villages

Following the Government’s announcement that non-essential retail can reopen from June, we are working hard, with our partners and businesses across our estate, to implement the necessary measures to welcome back those visitors who can travel safely to our villages.

Social distancing signage and open spaces

Our absolute priority is keeping our residents, businesses and you safe. That’s why we’re carefully implementing social distancing measures and the accompanying signage across our villages.

These will be highly visible internally in our office spaces and residential environments, as well as   externally on streets and store fronts, in partnership with businesses. Across Chinatown these will also include signage in Mandarin.

In addition, we are discussing and mapping the establishment and monitoring of queuing systems for individual stores and restaurants as they reopen to help visitors to maintain social distancing whilst experiencing everything that you love about Soho.

Finally, we are working hard with Westminster and Camden Council, and the relevant licensing and planning authorities to consider how best each area can maximise its pedestrianisation opportunities whilst respecting the need for residents and businesses vehicle use.  Clearly signposted and monitored one ways systems to popular high footfall areas with limited space, such as Kingly Court and Neal’s Yard, will also be introduced.  In some areas we will be removing seating and other street furniture to further aid social distancing.

Opening hours – check before you travel

We are working with businesses across the estate to understand their likely opening hours and would advise all visitors to check the websites of the places you want to visit, to confirm their opening hours, before you make your journey.

Cleaning and hand sanitation points

We are introducing regularly maintained hand sanitation points at key locations across all our estates, ensuring that all visitors can safely sanitise their hands during every visit.

We, and our partners, are focussed on ensuring that cleaning continues across the estate at regular intervals, with careful attention paid to touch points, such as door handles. Every business will also have their own cleaning protocol when you enter their premises.

Personal protective equipment

All our teams and partners will have access to appropriate PPE where required and we are talking to businesses across the estate about the measures they are taking, such as screens and staff PPE.

We would encourage all visitors to consider their own PPE before visiting and take the approach that they feel most comfortable with.

Welcome back and travel

We would ask that every visitor considers the safest way to travel and avoids public transport. Please consider walking or cycling to our villages where possible.

We have taken every step to ensure your return to our villages is as safe as it can be, and we look forward to welcoming you back soon.