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Major shareholders & Directors' shareholding

Major shareholders

At 27 July 2018, the Company had been notified, in accordance with the UK Listing Authority’s Disclosure Rules and Transparency Rules, that the following three shareholders held, or were beneficially interested in, 3% or more of the Company’s issued share capital amounting to a total of 51.33%.

  Issued share capital %
PEL Limited 25.02
Norges Bank 21.03
BlackRock Inc   5.33

Total voting rights as at 1 August 2018 were 307,302,187


Directors' shareholdings at 19th June 2018

  No. of shares owned
Executive Director
B. Bickell 1,240,592
S.J. Quayle 1,083,452
T.J.C. Welton    877,570
C.P.A. Ward    151,827
Non-Executive Directors  
J.C. Nicholls      30,000
J.C. Little        8,364
H.S. Riva      20,068
D.C.A. Mathias      16,208
S.E. Walden      60,000
R.J.Akers        7,000