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Major shareholders & Directors' shareholding

Major shareholders

At 9 June 2021, the Company had been notified, in accordance with the UK Listing Authority’s Disclosure Rules and Transparency Rules, that the following shareholders held, or were beneficially interested in, 5% or more of the Company’s issued share capital amounting to a total of 55.3%.

  Issued share capital %
Norges Bank  25.06
Capital & Counties Properties PLC 25.24
Resolution Capital Ltd   5.00

Total voting rights as at 17 December 2020 were 384,214,860.


Directors' shareholdings at 3 February 2021

  No. of shares owned
Executive Director
B. Bickell* 1,336,539
S.J. Quayle 1,154,139
T.J.C. Welton* 942,007
C.P.A. Ward* 223,471
Non-Executive Directors  
J.C. Nicholls 54,500
D.C.A. Mathias* 28,708
S.E. Walden* 61,250
R.J. Akers 14,896
J. Tilling 12,500
R. Anderson   5,000

* - includes persons closely associated shareholdings.