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Corporate Governance

The role of the board in governance is to set the strategic aims of the business, provide leadership and supervision and report to shareholders on its stewardship.

Women on Boards

The Board recognises the importance of diversity, both in its membership, and the Company’s employees. We have a clear policy to promote diversity across the business, which is available here.

The Board considers that quotas are not appropriate in determining its composition and has, therefore, chosen not to set formal targets but keeps diversity under consideration in all aspects of Board composition.

The Group is a signatory to the 30% Club which is a campaign to achieve a minimum of 30% women on FTSE 350 boards. It also seeks to develop a diverse talent pool.

Our Board Diversity Policy can be found here.


The responsibility of whistleblowing resides with the Board. The Company is committed to applying the highest standards of quality, probity, openness and accountability in the conduct of its business. Part of this commitment is to encourage employees to report any serious concerns that they may have with regard to wrongdoing or criminal activity related to any aspect of their work, the conduct of others, or the running of the Company.

We hope that employees would be able to raise concerns with their managers, however we do have an independent whistleblowing hotline.

Our Whistleblowing policy can be found here.