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Corporate Governance

The role of the board in governance is to set the strategic aims of the business, provide leadership and supervision and report to shareholders on its stewardship.

The Company complies in full with the UK Corporate Governance Code, and our governance structure is shown in the diagram below.

Women on Boards

The Board of Shaftesbury PLC has approved a policy in line with recommendations in the Hampton-Alexander Review, which follows the Davies Review. The Board of Shaftesbury PLC considers its current composition has the appropriate balance of skills and diversity to meet the demands of the business. Diversity encompasses all aspects including gender and is considered during the search and selection process for executive and non-executive Directors. The Board does not consider it appropriate at this stage to set quotas for board representation, but will monitor developments in best practice. More detail is contained in the Annual Report.


The Company is committed to applying the highest standards of quality, probity, openness and accountability in the conduct of its business with appropriate policies in place. Part of this commitment involves encouraging employees to report any serious concerns that they may have with regard to wrongdoing or criminal activity related to any aspect of their work, the conduct of others or the running of the Company including activities carried out on behalf of the Company, for example by managing agents.