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Why London?

London's West End is a location which has many unique features which bring prosperity, resilience and opportunity to the local economy.

We focus on central locations close to a renowned concentration of world-class attractions which, together with unmatched shopping and leisure choices, attract huge numbers of domestic and overseas visitors.

  • Fifth largest city in the world by GDP
  • Largest city in Western Europe in terms of population and GDP
  • One of the largest financial centres in the world
  • Generates 30% of United Kingdom GDP
  • Current population of 8.9 million and growing
  • A multicultural city – 300 languages spoken
  • Circa 55% of population under 35
  • Attracts more international visitors than any other city in the western world
  • An extensive and growing public transport network
  • Unrivalled variety of heritage and cultural attractions


Why the West End?

  • Estimated 200 million visits annually
  • Over 3% of the UK GVA produced with the City of Westminster
  • 19.8 million international visitors per annum
  • 700, 000 working population across the borough of Westminster
  • Large resident population
  • Favourite destination for Londoners and twenty million people in southern England who are easily able to visit for the day
  • World-class visitor attractions – palaces, parks, architecture and historical sites
  • Unrivalled cultural facilities – over 38 theatres, cinemas, 30 world-class museums and galleries
  • Choice of shops and restaurants unmatched by any other city in the world
  • A large local working population – a global location particularly for media and creative businesses
  • 6 underground stations handling over 225 million passengers annually.

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